Monday, March 31, 2008

Law School Decision

Well....after a lot of prayer, asking for advice, research, and pondering, we have decided that the best place for us to go to Law School is the University of Utah! So yes, we are staying around for 3 more years!! That is not the decision that we expected, but we feel like it is the right decision for us. Nic was also awarded a scholarship, so that makes us really excited! Thank you to all of our family and friends for your prayers and fasting on our behalf. We really appreciate you all!

Happy Birthday Princess!

Well my niece had her 3rd Birthday on Saturday! She got her ears pierced and got SO spoiled with princess presents!!
I love how she is looking at my sister here, she loves her mom so much!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Plug for my sista!

Calling all moms and aunts! Do you have little girls in your life? Check out these cute clips:
My sister makes these and she does a great job!

More Easter Pics

My Sister did an Easter Egg hunt for our niece and nephews at my parents house. It was so cute to watch their excitement!

Here is Matt and his 2 dogs:

Daddy & the only granddaughter:

We moved the chicks into their bigger box today. Sadly our beautiful White Leghorn died yesterday morning. It was kind of a freak accident and was really sad. The other 3 were a little upset, but they will get along ok without her.
I had a friend ask why I have chicks, LOL! I have them for fun, but I also eat their eggs. A chick costs $3 and will lay an egg every other day--so you do the math! Plus, fresh eggs are SO much better! My father-in-law already has chickens and has room for some more, so they will be taken to live over there in about a month. Anyone is welcome to come and see them!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Look what the Easter Bunny got me...BABY CHICKS!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bar J Wranglers Double Date

Have you ever seen the Bar J Wranglers? Better yet, have you ever been to the Bar J in Jackson Hole? If you haven't, you are missing out! Plan a weekend trip up there this summer!!

One of my favorite parts about being married is that you get introduced to so many new things! New ways of doing things, new ways of thinking, new foods, new family, new music, new adventures! I love that! I feel like you get this neat opportunity to become a more well rounded person by meshing your views and ways with someone else.

Well the Bar J was one of those new adventures for me! Nic and I went up there to Jackson Hole, WY a couple of years ago for his birthday. I went expecting that I would tolerate them because Nic wanted to see them, but it was so much fun!! I never thought that I would like old Country Western music (hello-I love Marty Robbins!). The Bar J Wranglers sing similar music and they are VERY entertaining!

Nic and I got my father-in-law tickets to see them for his birthday. We went out to dinner and then to see the Bar J Wranglers perform at Davis High School. This was actually our first double date with Nic's parents and it was a total blast!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring is Here!

Well today is the first day of spring and I am LOVING IT! I wish the weather were a little better and more consistent, but it really helps you be happy to see the sun shining. I know Daylight Savings is a pain, but it is really nice to have a little bit more daylight when you get off work in the evening. It helps me to feel that the day is not completely wasted when I get home. Anyway, here are some lovely spring pictures to get you excited for Easter this weekend!

I love the flowers from Costco--only $14.99-YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!

These are pictures from our little visit to the Rockin E--of course I wanted one of each!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Nic and I have had a fun day today. We did a little siteseeing around the campus and did some shopping. Our first visit was to the Iowa Hawk Shop:

Matt, I got this shirt for you.....JUST KIDDING!!

Here are pictures of Kinnick Stadium:

Here is our cute little rental car:

Great building on campus (old Iowa State Capitol)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Iowa-Day 2!

So we slept in and missed the continental breakfast today, so we had to eat from the school cafeteria--Pizza and Sushi (guess who had what ;) Chalk one point up for Iowa..although this picture isn't very clear, this is a squirrel!! I love places where squirrels and chipmunks live--it reminds me of Penn State's campus. I also saw my first cardinal today!
We were given a tour of the Law School today (don't mind Nic's goofy face). We also were able to sit in on a law class (WAY over my head--but Nic LOVED it). We then met with a career councilor that gave Nic and I a lot of good advice.
We had lunch at an Iowa City favorite...Bob's Your Uncle. Great food!
I bought my first souvenir today...
After the tours today, we went and looked at 3 apartments. There have been so many kind ward members here who have been willing to help us with everything. Plans for tomorrow include touring Iowa City and checking out a few more apartments. Oh yeah, and waking up in time for the free breakfast ;) I'll check in again tomorrow!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What the heck are we doing in Iowa?

Well, we woke up at 3:45am this morning and left the house at 5am. We were checked in at the airport a little after 5:30am. We sat with Nic's family for about an hour and then it was time for everyone to say goodbye to Daniel. I thought it was neat that we got to go with him the rest of the way. We were happy to meet up with 3 other elders that were leaving for Ghana as well. Here are some pictures of them:

Our flight to Chicago was rough--very turbulent and hot. When we got to Chicago we didn't run in to the nicest people--Nic and I felt like we were definitely "NOT in Kansas anymore"! We immediately started our drive to Iowa. (In case you are wondering why we flew to Chicago instead of Iowa--MUST BE THE MONEY!). It was a 3 1/2 hour drive, not bad actually, but we were really tired of sitting. The drive is not a bad one, in fact I loved it because we saw SO many hawks on our drive (I mean 2 or 3 every couple of miles). We were just feeling a bit stir crazy! Tomorrow we should get a better feel for the campus and city--I will post again tomorrow! Here are some pictures from our drive here.

Nic got a kick out of this lady--yes that's her hair out the window!

Here is the Mississippi River

If this isn't reason enough to come to Iowa..I don't know what is!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Daniel's Farewell

Daniel had his missionary farewell on Sunday. He did a great job speaking! The house was full all day of people wanting to wish him goodbye. We are hoping to spend as much time with him this week before he goes!