Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Nic's side of the family. We feel so blessed with all that we have.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Changing the World: One Small Act of Kindness at a Time

Because I have been given much, I too must give.
Because of thy great bounty, Lord each day I live.
I shall divide my gifts from thee with every brother that I see,
who has the need of help from me.

Anytime this song is sung in church my dad cries. And so do I.
I have been blessed so abundantly in my life. I feel like I am given most of the righteous desires of my heart. I love contemplating my blessings, especially in the month of November. But this month I wanted to do more. I wanted to serve Him by serving other people and show my gratitude for all that I have.

Together, with my family, we completed 100 acts of kindness this month leading up to Thanksgiving. My heart has been open to revelation and I have had more joy than I have ever known.
A lot of these acts were done more than once, but here is our 100 Acts of Kindness!
100+ Acts of Kindness for Thanksgiving
1. Took a meal to a family who had a new baby
2. Gave an elderly woman a ride to church
3. Helped someone change their tire on the side of the road
4. Gave anonymous treats to my co-workers
5. Babysat for family & friends
6. Visited with a widow
7. Gathered stray carts in the parking lot and returned them to the store
8. Got a shirt for a friend that they had been wanting
9.  Gave money to a good cause
10.  Picked fruit for an elderly neighbor
11.  Donated items to charity
12.  Made cupcakes for a friend
13.  Gave money to a stranger
14.  Scraped snow off someone’s car
15.  Visited and taught people about Jesus Christ
16.  Left treats for our postal worker
17.  Took “thinking of you” treats to our neighbors
18.  Took in neighbor’s garbage cans
19.  Made a meal for a busy mother
20.  Wrote a thank you letter to a mentor I had growing up
21.  Befriended my neighbors
22.  Cleaned the church
23.  Thanked my mom for making dinner and cleared my plate without being asked
24.  Fed the missionaries
25.  Helped someone make a purchase that they didn’t have enough $$ for
26.  Raked neighbors leaves
27.  Helped an elderly lady into her car
28.  Helped a friend study for an exam
29.  Gave extra money to the church missionary fund
30.  Helped a co-worker with computer problems
31.  Took rolls to neighbors
32.  Made comfort items for humanitarian kits
33.  Indexed names for Family Search
34.  Had someone over for dinner
35.  Took flowers to an elderly neighbor
36.  Donated food to the food bank
37.  Did grocery shopping for a homebound sister
38.  Delivered treats to our local firefighters
39.  Gave a priesthood blessing for several people in need
40.  Helped at a funeral
41.  While driving, let other driver's in front of me
42.  Made everyone’s beds in my family
43.  Got medicine for someone who was sick in the middle of the night
44.  Helped an elderly woman lift heavy groceries into her cart
45.  Ran errands for my mom
46.  Sent a card to someone I had been thinking about
47. Did service at the food bank
48.  Helped my mom clean the house
      49.  Left encouraging notes for strangers on their cars
50.  Got someone their favorite treat
51.  Donated items for a church activity
52.  Babysat for someone while they went to the temple
53.  Took a treat to someone who was sick
54.  Tutored a younger student
55.  Left extra money in the parking meter
56.  Helped an old man put his walker in his car
57.  Picked up litter in the park
58.  Wrote a letter to someone who has influenced my life
59.  Held the door open for a pregnant lady with 2 children
60.  Went visiting/teaching with the Sister Missionaries
61.  Paid for the woman’s order behind me
62.  Helped with carpool
63.   Special effort to hold elevator door open at work
64.  Purchased a needed item for a Missionary
65.  Picked up my spouses favorite treat as a surprise
66.  Left money on a strangers car
67.  Helped my baby sister down the stairs so she wouldn’t fall (without being asked)
68.  Donated fundraiser items for battered women’s shelter
69.  Paid someone’s bus fair
70.  Wrote a note to a friend who is battling cancer
71.  Made a new friend at school
72.  Wrote a surprise note to someone
73.  Shared my lunch with a friend who forgot theirs
74.  Helped my little sister pick out & put away her clothes
75.  Attended the Temple
76.  Helped fulfill a food order
77.  Unloaded the dishwasher for our mom
78.  Gave a woman a coupon for her purchase
79.  Helped fellowship an investigator for the missionaries
80.  Took dinner in to someone
81.  Helped coworkers in need
82.   Called to check in with family and friends
83.  Went to a viewing to show support for the family
84.  Took treat to family member who had surgery
85.  Had family members over for dinner
86.  Got someone their favorite drink from the gas station
87.  Did the dishes for my spouse
88.  Held someone’s crying child
89.  Left cash at McDonald’s to pay for the next person’s order
90.  Helped an old man with the self checkout at the grocery store
91.  Did the dishes for someone else
92.  Woke up early and made my spouse breakfast
93.  Took a note & treat to someone who visited my church
94.  Donated pies to a Thanksgiving meal for a family in need
95.  Left money at the store check out
96.  Donated my hair to locks of love
97.  Gave an elderly woman a ride to the doctor’s
98.  Took a treat to a store clerk who is always happy and provides great service
99.  Left a generous tip
100. Donated plasma
101. Took food to a struggling family
102. Took Thank You treats to our Bishopric thanking them for their service.