Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Downtown Library

The SLC library is so awesome. It's one of our new favorite places to go. Nic's work is just north of there so it works out really well to use his parking pass and walk over. They have so many books & movies not to mention fun reading areas and story times. We love it!

January Photos

January Updates

Well January has almost come and gone and I can't believe it! I am still happy every day that we are back in Utah. It is just so good to be home.

We have spent the month battling the worst weather in Utah's history I think. We have literally been snowed in several times. I have been stuck in my driveway multiple times and have spun off the freeway. We have had a couple weeks of temperatures below 10 degrees and now that it is "warmer" we are getting snow everyday. Grateful for my new SUV!!

The weather is a big reason why I haven't blogged. We are stuck inside...cabin fever!! Spring can't get here soon enough. I can't wait to take the kids on walks and spend time outside.

I'm down to my last few weeks in my 20's. I am not going to lie, I am a little depressed. I don't know life is just what I wanted it to be at the age of 30. I just don't want to cross that threshold of no longer being young.

I spend pretty much every waking moment looking at houses. We have an offer in on a short sale house in Layton...but it's more like a back up if we can't find anything better. It really does consume me though. I go to bed dreaming about the latest house I have looked at it. How will I decorate it...what will I change...I can not wait to own our first home!!!

The kids are doing great. We are on our second round of antibiotics this month and are hoping to put sinus infections and ear infections behind us soon. Sam is a great big sister and such a wonderful help to me. Brooklyn will be 9 months old this weekend and I just can't believe it. She is in the into everything phase. She empties anything she can and she goes straight for any outlet or electrical cord she can find.

Nic LOVES his new job. He is very stressed and overwhelmed with the pace, and learning so much at one time, but he really loves being a prosecutor.

I will now get back into blogging for my family out of state. Love and miss you all!