Thursday, June 20, 2013

Journal Entry (kid updates for my records)

Samantha, 4 Years Old
Wants to be a zookeeper (or a policeman...or a prosecutor...or a judge)
Loves Art in the Park provided by Weber State
Obsessed with Cherry Hill & playing in the water
Insists on sleeping in just her underwear
Only eats things "plain" no sauce on noodles or rice
Still loves fruits & vegetables
Loves the library & reading
Excited for preschool this fall

Brooklyn, 13 months old
Has 8 teeth
Saying: Dad, Dog, Duck, Hi, Ba (for banana)...still no "mommy" :(
Can identify by pointing: Head/Hair, Teeth, belly, butt, foot
Favorite foods: milk & bananas
Loves waving at people
Loves seeing animals
Covers her mouth when she is surprised
Hates bath time
Very mobile and starting to climb up things
Obsessed with animal videos on youtube or baby einstein animal videos
Finally sleeping through the night!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our New Home

Here are the "before" pictures...
"after" pictures to come in several years when we can afford to fix it up and decorate!
Our house was built in 1937. It is a charming, brick, 2 story home that hasn't had many updates since it was built. For example: ancient wiring, no AC, no dishwasher, no garbage disposal. But you trade all of those things for its great old charm! Someday in the future it will be the home of our dreams, for now its an adorable fixer-upper!
Front of our home
As you walk through our front door 
Living Room 
Formal Dining room to the right of thr front door, off the living room 
Our Bedroom 
Girls Bedroom 
Upstairs Bathroom 
Going downstairs 
Laundry Room 
Downstairs Kitchen (used to be a Mother-in-law apartment downstairs)  
Downstairs bedroom...for now Nic's office/mancave/watever room
with attached bathroom 
Family Room 
Favorite features of the house... 
 The huge, beautiful windows! So much natural light
 Arched doorways
Crown molding on curved ceilings 

Sam's Birthday Party

Monday, June 17, 2013

Samantha's 4th Birthday

For about a year and a half, Sam has asked to go to Cherry Hill and ride the dragon slide for her Birthday.  She had so much fun we had to make her leave after 8 hours of swimming.