Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gibson Christmas Charm Dishes

I have wanted Christmas dishes forever. Scratch that, I have really wanted Christmas china. There are lots of cutesy Christmas patterns, but true to my personality, I wanted something more formal. I knew it would probably be a couple of years until I could afford a nice set. I still don't even have regular china... maybe someday. Anyway, last week at D.I. (Deseret Industries, our local thrift store that is amazing) I showed Nic a set of 4 that I liked. Although he wasn't against me getting them, he did point out that I would not have enough settings to have anyone over. So I decided to just keep my eyes open.
Yesterday I went browsing DI like I love to do frequently. In all actuality I could devote an entire blog to the amazing finds I have found there.Anyway, I spotted these gorgeous dishes in the Christmas section:
Do you see that sticker price? I will come back to that.
These dishes are gorgeous! They are exactly what I would buy if I could buy them brand new. They have a beautiful gold ring on the outside and the perfect holly berries I have always wanted.
My mom has always had Christmas dishes. We would actually eat Thanksgiving dinner on them and then use them for the month of December. I have fond memories of drinking eggnog out of the holly goblets.
So at DI I found 19 plates, 16 bowls, and one platter. I was so thrilled! I could actually host a Christmas dinner now. I immediately hopped online when I got home to see if I could complete my set off eBay or somewhere similar. Well in doing by research I found out that this pattern has been discontinued and that they sell for about $12 per plate on eBay. A full set is around $250. The platter, gravy boat, and casserole dish are all $50-$150 a piece. So good and bad news there. They are more valuable then I thought. I paid 50 cents a piece for them and they are flawless. I only wish it was more affordable to complete my set.
So, if you ever see Gibson "Christmas Charm" dishes let me know! I want salad plates and what I listed above (platters, gravy boat, casserole dish, etc) In the meantime I will start planning my holiday parties to use these dishes. I am so excited!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Samantha's 1st Day of Preschool

Samantha Jo
4 Years Old
1st Year of Preschool

She tried on several outfits last week in deciding what to wear for her big first day (I don't know where she gets that from)

 Brooklyn wasn't very patient during the photo shoot

All ready to go!

Meeting Miss Kris & giving her the cookies that she helped me make

All ready to start her day

She was so excited to head in and start tracing her shapes. She wasn't sad at all to leave us. We had to make her kiss us goodbye. It does make it so much easier on me that she wants to be there and doesn't miss me. I sure miss her though!

In true blogger fashion...some of the pictures are out of order

I  love this sweet, outgoing, funny, sensitive, mature, amazing girl!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Samantha starts school tomorrow. I am so excited. I am so sad.
I have been looking forward to Sam starting preschool, and school in general, for a lot of reasons. She is so social. She thrives with other kids. It will be so good for her to learn to not always be the boss, but also let that wonderful quality shine as she can be a great leader. I'm so excited for holidays & class parties, preparing treats, back to school shopping, learning new things! Most of all...I know she will love every minute of it.
Since we officially signed her up..I am now sad. I am not ready to give her up. Starting from now, the older she gets, the less time I get to spend with her. Until now, everything she knows we taught her. Now she will be learning new things that I have no part of. I feel sad that I will have to spend 5 hours a week away from her. I hate that thought. Until now, my life as a mother has had no schedule or rules. I do whatever I want...whenever I want.
I used to think that Moms cried when they dropped their kids off on the first day because they couldn't believe how old they were, but now I know the truth. It's because they will miss them so badly.