Saturday, May 30, 2009

No baby yet!

I know, I shouldn't be complaining. I am not even at my due date yet. I always had in my head that I would have the baby at the end of May, and not in June. I am the most impatient person and so the last week has been killing me. Everyone you see from your co-workers to strangers at the store are so kind to ask when I am due and kindly say that my feet look so swollen they feel bad for me. Maybe its the hormones but I am going crazy with all of the attention. Anywhere I go I feel like I am carrying a huge banner that says "I am 9 months pregnant".

Nic has tried to convince me to enjoy these last few days. I really do want to enjoy these last moments that I get to carry this baby and feel her inside of me. What an amazing opportunity and journey this has been. In so many ways I don't want it to end. We are really freaked out about becoming parents, I guess ready or not right!

Thanks to everyone who has given us so much help and support throughout this pregnancy. Especially our families, we love you so much!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our garden is planted!

We planted our garden last weekend and I am so excited that we are already having some things pop up out of the ground! Last year we didn't do so great on our garden, so I am hoping this year goes better. We planted:
Green Beans

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Thanks to everyone who has been asking me for updates! I will try to post a quick overview of everything going on!
1 DOWN, 2 TO GO! Nic had his last final on Friday which means he is officially done with his 1st year of law school. I am so proud of how he has handled all of the stress that this last year has brought.
4 YEARS! Nic and I will be celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary this week. I can't believe that it has been that long. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing companion. Marriage is even better than I imagined it would be, and I really do love Nic more and more everyday.

FULL TERM BABY! Yes, I am officially full term this week. To be honest, that is freaking me out!! I can't believe that any day now Nic and I could become parents. I don't feel ready or prepared. I just want to take advantage of these last few weeks and soak everything in. I am really going to miss being pregnant. Anyway, the baby is head down and doing great. Because of my high blood pressure, I have been doing non-stress tests every week at the doctor's office just to make sure the baby is doing ok. Every time her heartbeat has been awesome. I have my next appointment on Thursday. My body definitely feels like it's ready to have this over, but I am ok waiting a couple more weeks for my sanity.

GETTING READY...everything we are doing right now is in somehow preparing for the baby. I say "we" are officially nesting because I can hardly move, so Nic is left with all of the chores that I am freaking out about getting done. Our bassinet is in place and my diaper bag is packed up and ready to go. We have our car seat and stroller all ready to go as well. We are still in the process of putting everything away from the showers that we have had (thanks to the Mills families for giving us 2 wonderful showers this past week!!). We have a couple last minute things to pack in our hospital bags, but we should be able to finish those up and have them in the car ready to go by tomorrow. I am trying to finish everything up at work so that I will be able to leave at any day. My head is spinning right now thinking about all of this. I can't believe how fast life flies by! It just goes to show that you shouldn't take any time for granite and enjoy every stage of life you are in!!