Sunday, August 30, 2009

BBQ & Miss Samantha

My husband LOVES to BBQ! He lived in North Carolina for 2 years and really gained a love for Southern BBQ. Nic finally got his smoker that he has wanted for years. He spent all day Saturday (literally ALL DAY) on his first brisket and it turned out SO good. It really was the best BBQ that I have ever had.
Here is our little cutie. Yes, the bottom video is of her rolling over! How can my 2 month old being rolling over? It kind of makes me sad that she is growing up and changing so fast. I really love watching her learn and grow. She makes Nic and I so happy everyday!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 Month Photo Shoot

We got Sam's pictures taken today. She really didn't smile for any of the pictures, but we did get a couple of cute shots...
I think she looks like an angel in this picture...

This is my favorite picture of her (she wouldn't take her fingers out of her mouth)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sam's Blessing

Sam was blessed on Sunday. It was so neat for me to see Nic bless her. We were so happy to have so many friends and family there. It was such a wonderful day. I feel bad that we missed getting pictures with a lot of our family, but here are some of her special day...(most of them Sam is completely passed out)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sammy Jo is 2 months old!

I can't believe it! How can she be 2 months old?? I am so excited for her to be blessed this Sunday. She is such an angel and such a blessing to our lives. She is growing everyday. She now loves to coo and smile all of the time. She is learning to grasp things and is fascinated with everything around her. She is already such a social gal, always wanting to see what's going on.

Being a stay at home mom is THE BEST! At first I was frustrated everyday and felt confused as to why woman feel such joy in raising their children. I felt like everday was so hard and I couldn't get anything done. Now that my body is feeling better and Sam is getting a little older it has gotten so much better. Seeing her smile and respond to me is so rewarding. I feel like I fall more in love with her everyday, which is crazy because I already love her so much!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chicago Day 3

Chicago has really lived up to it's name! Today has been WINDY and rainy. Because of that we didn't do much. We checked out of our hotel and then we ate at the Chicago Burger Company that is right on the river. We walked around the city more and then we headed to the airport. I am glad that Samantha and I came with Nic. It was a neat experience to see Chicago and I am glad that Nic got to attend his conference.