Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mommy/Daughter Date to the Nutcracker

I had such a wonderful day with Samantha today. It's always a joy to be with her, but it was neat to do something special. I was so excited to take Sam to her first ballet.

First was lunch at Iggy's.
Grandma, Kimmy, Great Aunt Susan, and her daughter-in-law Samantha joined us.
Then on to Ballet West's Nutcracker. Sam was so excited to be there.


After the Nutcracker is over they had the Sugar Plum Fairy party. When I was buying the tickets I asked what this was and was told on the phone "after the performance you get to go on stage, meet the dancers, take pictures, get an ornament etc". So I paid $15 extra for us to do this. I thought it would be well worth it for an opportunity like this. Well, when we got up on stage we were told no photography was allowed. And you had to pay $4 extra to get a picture with the dancers from their photographers. There were only 5 dancers on stage and they were not the principals. We paid to get the picture but didn't even get to talk to the dancers. I was so disappointed.
I broke the rules and snapped this picture so there was proof that we actually got to be on the stage.

This is a terrible picture, but it's the only one I was able to grab of the dancers. They were walking backstage and I asked if I could just grab one quick picture. Joshua Whitehead (who played the Nutcracker and is on the left) is on Breaking Pointe and he was so kind to let us take a quick illegal picture LOL.
Besides my disappointment about what was provided with the after party, it was very neat to stand on their beautiful stage. It was so neat to see their set pieces and costumes up close.
It was so neat to attend the ballet with Samantha and have a girls day with others in the Mills family. Samantha's excitement was magical. She is at such a neat age. I loved watching her watch the ballet. It was something I will cherish my entire life. I can't wait to do this with Brooklyn in a few years as well. It's days like today that make all of the hard days as a parent so worth it.

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Anna Heywood said...

How fun to get to do this with Samantha. It is such a joy to see your children light up as they get exposed to all the wonderful things the world has to offer. I catch a glimpse of this now and then with my little ones, but I can hardly wait for them to be old enough to have experiences like this. Sounds like you made a very special memory!